Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles

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This is a project based class in which students from all fields of Engineering interested in Robotics Competition can develop their skills in:

  • Project management
  • Concept development and problem solving
  • Multidisciplinary engineering design
  • Software and programming for robotics competitions

This wiki will be used to collect information on the class and projects.



  • Monday from 17:00-18:50, location TBA


This course requires students to create projects for the development of a functional robotic system with the goal of performing in robotics competitions.

Students are encouraged to work in small multidisciplinary teams but have to produce an individual plan for development during the quarter. Projects can cover engineering theory, design and hands-on experience.

Students will work in small diverse teams in which they will learn about best engineering methods and practices. Management skills to be learned include project management, adhering to a budget and business planning, working within time constraints, designing to specifications, demonstrating performance, and delivering a well documented project that others can build on.

Teams are expected to report and present their findings and progress throughout the quarter and produce a final report. The final report shall contain enough detail to provide future students with the knowledge and insights developed throughout the quarter.

In addition to the team report, each student is expected to turn in an individual self reflection detailing his or her participation and providing a personal perspective on the work of the team.


The following topics will be covered in the class lectures:

Complemented by the following tutorial sections:

Possible projects and events

Students will have a chance to actively participate in a fast paced environment where teams are working towards performing well in the following robotics competitions held at the UC San Diego Campus and elsewhere, including:

Information on the above project has been provided by ...