From MAE/ECE 148 - Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles
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Team Members


  • Roger Kim


  • Bishwajit Roy

2000 (2).jpg]


  • Tara Len
  • Cameron Yenche


Team 2 Car

1000 (3).jpg CarISO.jpg

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to replicate autonomous interaction with traffic signals. Taking cues from industry leadership, this will be done using camera-based computer vision navigation tool.

Mechanical Design



The baseplate has three slots running down its middle section that are 34.29 in long and three slots on one side that are 12.70 in long. All of these slots are 0.625 inches apart from each other and they all have a width of 0.32 in, which allows M3 screws to be inserted inside those slots. There is a wider slot located on the opposite side of the three short slots that allows more space for wiring and hardware.

Electrical Design

Wiring Schematic

WI22 Team2 Schematic.png

Programming Design

Color Filter Flowchart (OpenCV)

WI22 Team2 OpenCV Flowchart.png

ECE/MAE 148 WI22 Team2 GitHub
ECE/MAE 148 WI22 Team2 GitLab (ROS2 Integration)