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(Hardware Design)
(Software Design)
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== Software Design==
== Software Design==
=== Packages and Drivers ===
=== Dependencies ===
== Results ==
== Results ==
== Future Plans & Improvements ==
== Future Plans & Improvements ==

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Team Members

Kennan Gonzales (MAE)

McKinley Souder (ECE)

Cade Wohltman (MAE)

Project Overview

UCSD has access to plenty of robots with autonomous capabilities however, a lot of them are sitting in a lab waiting to be used. Our team aims to implement a ROS package that would allow all of those robots to be of use even when people aren't in the immediate vicinity. To alleviate this issue a room would be setup with a camera such that an individual could log into one of UCSD's robots, deploy their programming package, and when they were done using it our ROS package would launch. Our ROS packaged intends to autonomously navigate itself to a designated location marked with an AprilTag.

Functional Requirements

  • Make use of an Ackermann Steering RC car
  • A camera with at least 30 FPS
  • An RPLIdar for collision prevention
  • A SBC for data processing
  • A PWM for both the servo and stepper motor

Hardware Design

upload pictures/renderings of design


Camera Mount

Lidar Mount

Electrical Design


Software Design




Future Plans & Improvements