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=== Final product ===
=== Camera mount ===
Used a MakerBot Method for PLA printing & rapid prototyping
Used a MakerBot Method for PLA printing & rapid prototyping

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Spring 2021 Team 4

Team 4 achieved driving multiple laps on autonomous outdoor track using both Donkey Car and ROS.

Final picture of team's 4 car used throughout the winter 2021 quarter

Library car.jpg

Team Members

  • Karen Hernandez - Electrical Engineering
  • Jan Schüürmann - Mechanical Engineering
  • Bryant Liu - Computer Engineering
  • Joe Wayne - Mechanical Engineering

The members in the picture are standing in the order mentioned above (from left to right on the image)

Team4 members spring2021.jpg


  • Mauricio de Oliveira
  • Jack Silberman

Teacher's Assistants

  • Dominic Nightingale - Mechanical Engineering
  • Haoru Xue - Electrical Engineering





The chassis given by the instructor at the beginning of the quarter is the following:

Team4s1 empty chasis.jpg

Wiring Schematic

In order to make the components work as desired, we connected them according to the wire schematic shown below. This includes all the hardware required:

Wire schematic HernandezKaren.JPG

Base Plate

For us to have flexibility when it comes to mounting hardware onto the base plate, we decided to design a plate that had mounting holes all throughout. This plate is mounted on four 2-inch stand-offs from the bottom of the chassis, such that the battery, speed controller and steering servo motor are located underneath the base plate. All other components are located on the top part of the base plate.

CAD of the base plate design

Team4s21 plate cad.png

Final product of the base plate

We used a Lasercamm for cutting a 1/4" acryllic

Note: This also shows the Jetson Nano bottom part of the 3D printed shell mounted onto the base plate. The design for the Jetson Nano shell was not design by the team, link to online free CAD is [[1]] . The only change was that we added the side mounts.

Team4s21 plate finished.jpg


The camera shell for the camera was designed so that it would protect the camera, with extended covering from the top part so that the lighting would not affect the image. The camera shell is connected by velcro to an elevated plate that is connected to the base plate by stand-offs. It is important to mention that the angle used for the camera shell design was different for each project of the class. The images below are for the camera mount and shell used on the final project.

Camera mount CAD

Camera mount

Used a MakerBot Method for PLA printing & rapid prototyping



Environment Configuration


ROS Wrapper

ROS Package








Package Map







Issues and Fixes