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* Yikai Huang – Mechanical Engineering Senior
* Yikai Huang – Mechanical Engineering Senior


== Project Overview ==
== Project Overview ==

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Team Members

  • Andres Gutiérrez – Computer Engineering Senior
  • Louis Nicaud – Computer Science Engineering Senior
  • Yusuf Patel – Mechanical Engineering Senior
  • Yikai Huang – Mechanical Engineering Senior

Group pic.jpg

Project Overview

In this project, students are tasked with building and programming a Waveshare Jetbot AI to navigate through a maze. The outcome from this project will allow us to build a robot that will find itself out an unknown area without driving manually. This is accomplished by using Robotic Operating System, SLAM Algorithm, and Jetson Nano.

  Figure 1: Jetbot, Jetson Nano, and Lidar

Jetbot.jpg Jetbot1.jpg

Must Haves

  • Jetson Nano which is the main computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications.
  • Waveshare Jetbot AI that is installed with motors and connected to Jetson Nano.
  • RP Lidar A1 that uses a system that measures distance data in more than 2000 times' per second and with high resolution distance output, which also provides a 360 degree scan field.
  • Detailed physical Maze

Nice to Haves

  • Robot scans entire maze and provides a map of which direction to go through the maze.
  • Maps out the maze autonomously.
  • The implementation of Odometry which is the use of data from motion sensors to estimate change in position over time.

Project Video


Project Presentation


  Figure 2: Team 3 Jetbot AI

Mechanical Design

The major components of the mechanical design include the baseplate.


Text about baseplate


  Figure 3: Baseplate CAD Design

Electrical and Hardware Design

The car's electrical assembly consists of three main components:

  1. Jetson Nano – The single board computer (SBC) in charge of controlling the Jetbot AI.
  2. RP Lidar A1 – A 360 degree 2D laser scanner.
  3. DC Motors – Rotates the wheels to provide mobility.
  Figure 4: Car Wiring Diagram with Original Hardware

Maze Structure

Figure 5: Maze


Github Repository: (https://github.com/gtierrezandres/maze_buster)

RP Lidar A1 Code

In the Link

Jetson Nano Code


ROS nodes, topics, etc.

Advice and Suggestions for the Future


  • If using a bigger robot the maze needs to be much bigger.
  • With more time, write a code to map the maze autonomously.

Future Suggestions for RP Lidar A1 Use

  • The gap around the lidar should be larger then 40 cm
  • Add comment

Acknowledgements and References


  • Dominic and Haoru - Thank you for providing essential advise on how to use implement SLAM and ROS for our project, and also helping us find solutions for our hardware. .
  • Professor Silberman and Professor de Oliveira - Thank you for providing a priceless learning opportunity!


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