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===Dominic's ROS Package===
===Dominic's ROS Package===
====Line Detection====
====Line Detection====
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===LED Board STM32 Firmware===
===LED Board STM32 Firmware===
===Phone App===
===Phone App===

==Mechanical Design==
==Mechanical Design==

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Meet The Team Members

About The Final Project



Custom PCB


LED Board


Dominic's ROS Package

Line Detection

Lane Guidance


LED Board STM32 Firmware

Phone App

Mechanical Design

Base Plate

Our aim for the base plate design is to provide easy access between the connections on the chassis and the jetson whilst maintaining aesthetics. The rounded rectangular holes achieve this goal. Unlike most teams in the previous quarter, we decided to not use a long base plate, so that we can have a very minimalistic and compact design, such that the car is not that tall mechanically, hence improving the racing ability. [Images to be inserted here]

Referring to Version 1 of our base plate in Figure 1, we realized that the sharp corners of the X's causes our base plate to snap in half when we collide into a chair. It literally split in half exactly at those X's, as if someone was laser cutting it that way.

Therefore, we resorted to Version 2, replacing the X's with rounded corners rectangles. We did not crash the car to test if this testifies our hypothesis regarding the problems causes by the X's, but this new design is certainly more rigid; we had very minor accidents, and it holds perfectly.


Recap of Achievements!

Challenges & Lessons


Future Plans