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=== Electrical Design ===
=== Electrical Design ===

== Code ==
== Code ==

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Team Members

  • Han Zhao(ECE)
  • Zhetai Zhou(ECE)
  • Felix Koch(MAE)

Project Overview

The objective is to measure another car's speed using a second stationary jetson nano with two webcams plugged into it. Those two cameras will be set up at a given distance (e.g. 3m) and be trained using AI to give a signal when detecting a car passing. With this data and the time we can calculate the velocity and compare it to our speed limit. If the car turns out to be speeding our parked police car will turn on some LED lights and join the track to chase the traffic law violator.


Must Haves

  • Two webcams
  • Two jetson nanos(One can be replaced by a virtual machine)
  • Another RC car for speed trap

Nice to Haves

  • Two lidars which can be used to replace two webcams to measure the speed

Project Video

Project Presentation


Mechanical Design

The major components of the mechanical design include the baseplate, camera mount, and Jetson Nano case.


Camera Mount

Jetson Nano Case

Electrical Design



Donkey Car Deep Learning Autonomous Laps

ROS Autonomous Laps

ESP32 with E-Stop