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==RC Car details==
==RC Car details==
*RC Car hardware:
*RC Car software:
==ROS Project==
*About ROS
*ROS and RPLidar
*ROS and Donkey car

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Team 2 attempted to achieve object avoidance by incoorporating a 360° RPLIdar along with the camera, and controlling their operation using ROS (Robot Operating System).



Welcome to team2 ECE148 Wiki page. In this class, we build and utilized a remote-controlled car. In this page, we will cover the details behind the design of the RC car and demonstrate results. The goal in this class was to perform the following tasks:

  • Autonomously drive on an indoor track
  • Autonomously drive on an outdoor track
  • Map a room using RPLidar and ROS

Team Members

  • Chen Du (ECE grad)
  • Jingying Chen (MAE undergrad)
  • Marshall Garcia (MAE undergrad)
  • Tina Kafel (ECE undergrad)

RC Car details

  • RC Car hardware:
  • RC Car software:

ROS Project

  • About ROS
  • ROS and RPLidar
  • ROS and Donkey car