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Our project's main objective is to make our car into a mailman.

Team 4 Members

Kelvin Liu
Wesley Cheung
Zifeng Chen



Mechanical Components

=== Custom Components ===
A custom acrylic baseplate that was lasercut and used to mount other mechanical and electrical components to the vehicle.

Camera Mount
A 3D-printed camera mount that is utilized to hold the PI camera in a fixed position while the vehicle is operating. This allowed the camera to record data from a constant point of view. The camera mount is made of two separate 3D-printed parts, a stand and the camera mount. These two parts are held together at a rotatable joint using a M3 nut and bolt. This design allows for the camera's angle to be easily adjusted without having to fabricate another camera mount.

Raspberry PI Case
A 3D-printed PI case that is utilized to protect the raspberry PI in the event of a crash. The design for this case was taken from a 3D-printing file sharing site at ----. Modifications were then made to the file in order to make adjustments to fit the PI.

Mechanical Arm
This mechanical arm was used to "deliver" packages from the vehicle. It was composed of a TGY1501 H-Torque servo motor and three other 3D-printed parts; a motor mount, arm, and basket. The motor mount's purpose was to attach the servo motor to the base plate. The motor was screwed into the motor mount and the bottom of the mount was layered with velcro to stick to the base plate. The arm part's primary purpose was to connect to the motor's output shaft by having holes that lined up with the motor's own output shaft connector and then constraining the holes together. The basket was connected to the other end of the arm by two M3 bolts and is used to carry the deliverable package.

Autonomous Laps

Indooor Laps
<embedvideo service="youtube" description="5 Indoor Autonomous Laps">https://youtu.be/9WRHqHZoUWc</embedvideo>

Outdoor Laps
<embedvideo service="youtube" description="3 Outdoor Autonomous Laps">https://youtu.be/3yKMGWvzTWo</embedvideo>

Project Progress


<embedvideo service="youtube" description="yes">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ</embedvideo>