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The goal of our project is to follow a person using IR sensors. Under real world circumstances, the concept of our project can be applied to indoor self-following shopping cart system for supermarkets. The car can follow a person who has an IR LED patch attached at a certain range.

Team Members

Jose Manuel Rodriguez - ME

Yuan Chen - ME

Jason Nan - BENG: BSYS

Po Hsiang Huang - EE


Plate and Camera Mount

      The camera is designed to be adjustable and can be easily locked in place with a screw and a nut. During our training, we need to find the optimal camera angle thus 
      making the camera stand adjustable saved us a lot of time. The stand for the Structure Sensor is set to 30 degree of inclination since the camera itself has a wide 
      range of view of 160 degrees and it needs to capture the IR patch that is attached to the back of a person. The Acrylic platform is printed with Laser-cut machine. 
      Multiple mounting holes are cut for variety of mounting hardware choices if applicable.
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