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Our project was to integrate OpenCV into donkeycar in order to try and improve training time and robustness of the model. We used OpenCV to pre-process images in order to extract edges and highlight the white and yellow lanes. We wanted to see if using those images as a combined 3-D image (edges, white lane, yellow lane) would improve training time and robustness of the model compared to the original donkeycar model which trained using RGB images.

Team Members

  • Cyrus Shen - ECE
  • Chenfeng Wu - ECE
  • Maximilian Stadler - CSE (UCSD Extension)
  • Isabella Franco - MAE

Mechanical Design

Camera Mount

Car Circuitry

ECE148 circuit.JPG

Integrating OpenCV



In order to compare our OpenCV model to the current donkeycar model, we trained both models on the same images. We trained 3 separate models with 1000, 5000, and 10000 images respectively.

  • 1000 images:
  • 5000 images:
  • 10000 images: