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== Car Circuitry ==
== Car Circuitry ==
== Integrating OpenCV ==
== Integrating OpenCV ==

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Our project was to integrate OpenCV into donkeycar in order to try and improve training time and robustness of the model. We used OpenCV to pre-process images in order to extract edges and highlight the white and yellow lanes. We wanted to see if using those images as a combined 3-D image (edges, white lane, yellow lane) would improve training time and robustness of the model compared to the original donkeycar model which trained using RGB images.

Team Members

  • Cyrus Shen - ECE
  • Chenfeng Wu - ECE
  • Maximilian Stadler - CSE (UCSD Extension)
  • Isabella Franco - MAE

Mechanical Design

Camera Mount

Car Circuitry

File:Ece148 circuit schematic v3 bb.pdf

Integrating OpenCV