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The objective of this project is to add an voice control over the original car model. This voice feature allows user to emergency stop and restart the car by talking to the car as well as switching back and forth from autonomous and joy stick controls. This project was split into several parts as follows:

  1. Voice recognition through Sopare running on PC
  2. Use Socket to communicate Pi and PC
  3. Interference the DonkeyCar with voice signals

Team Members

Will Xu

Jose Pablo Valle

Siming Deng

Yihan Zhang

Voice Recognition Using Sopare

Sopare stands for SOund PAttern REcognition. Sopare is a python project written by bishoph. This software is able to listen offline in real time to microphone input and detect trained labels.

Installation and usage tutorials

git clone [1]

step-by-step tutorial [2]

Modifying Sopare

We made an Sopare plugins to allow communication between the driving Pi and voice recognition.

Communication between Pi and PC


DonkeyCar Framework Modification