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Robonation’s International RoboSub @ San Diego


IEEE at UC San Diego strives to provide accessible hands-on engineering opportunities to students with initiative and hopes to include RoboSub in the available repertoire of advanced annual projects. But first, a long term plan that describes the formation and management of such a Robosub program is necessary. If it is possible, IEEE would like to suggest that one of the deliverables for the MAE198 course is to structure the long term robosub program. Students in the course would likely have to start by joining the idea with IEEE’s current projects, estimating the timeline and cost of a competition team, find appropriate sponsors, and establishing a process for an IEEE competition team formation. In future offerings of the course, student work might include research and designing of individual components for the competition team vehicle.

The benefits to students of Robosub are much like those of the Quadcopter and Project Drive; the RoboSub project would offer a small team of prepared students a multidisciplinary engineering experience as they design an underwater autonomous vehicle. They would need to apply both hardware and software design skills while demonstrating research and documentation as well as gaining project leadership experience. What’s more, unlike any of our other projects, the RoboSub project provides the opportunity to learn about the unique possibilities and restrictions of underwater operation. Hopefully, this project can also open up new opportunities to partner with the multitude of underwater research here at UCSD.