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The IARC American Venue


IEEE at UC San Diego strives to provide accessible hands-on engineering opportunities to students with initiative. The Quadcopter is one of our two advanced annual projects that provides a robotics challenge to a small team of experienced students.

The IEEE at UC San Diego Quadcopter Project began in 2014 and competes in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC). The IARC was founded in 1991 with the goal of advancing aerial robotics technology by challenging teams to solve previously unsolvable missions; the competition is currently on its Mission 7 which requires a competing UAV to not only be fully automated but also be able to navigate itself without GPS but computer vision inside a sport arena. 20 by 20 grid is printed on the floor of the sport arena and Roombas are running randomly over the grid; UAVs need to “capture” as many Roombas as they could within limited time. Our Quadcopter Project prepares for the IARC competition by crafting a research paper, integrating multiple robotic systems, advanced control, tracking, and navigation algorithms to build a quadcopter. This project also serves as a learning experience for members to become familiar with team functionality, research, and advanced robotics systems. Skills applied during this project include:

  • Physical design with CAD
  • Advanced programming and high level software design
  • Signal processing with an IMU
  • Machine vision using openCV
  • Control, navigation, and tracking methods

Learn more at our project team websites:


or at the IARC website: