From MAE/ECE 148 - Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles
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Team Members

Team Photo

  • Diego Garcia Soto (ECE)
  • David Truong (ECE)
  • Ivan Salazar (ECE)
  • Jenny Hofilena (MAE)

Team 5 Project Overview

Behavioral Cloning

Goal: Drive the car to get data and then training a model to drive the car

  • From zero
  • Using a Jupyter notebook
  • Python instead of ROS
  • Packages: Pytorch, PyVESC, OpenCV

Watch Here

Source Code

Code Folder



Connector to Change Batteries

Goal: Change batteries without tedious disassembly

  • Doesn’t require turning off of system
  • Disconnect with a switch
  • Use a diode system
Final Design

Final Switcher

  • 2 battery input, 1 battery output
  • 4 switches
    • 2 for battery switching
    • 2 for current flow
  • Switches - 50 A
  • Diodes - 12 A

Watch Here


Final Car Design

Full Assembly

Final Car Design


Final Schematic

Autonomous Laps

ROS2 Indoors
Donkey-Car Indoors

Weekly Presentations

Project Proposal
Progress #1
Progress #2
Progress #3
Progress #4
Final Presentation