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Here are some ideas that can be incorporated in any of the projects:

Phase loops a la Piano Phase
Sequencer loops for rhythm and melody, algorithmic composition
Karaoke with an angle
Use simple geometry to calculate the amplitude and delay for cancelling sounds off center
Spatial localization
Use Arduino to construct a device that can locate the source of a sound
Virtual fundamental
Create a sensation of a bass using two higher partials. Explore virtual bass perception or/and on algorithm of Maxxbass or similar that allow production of low frequencies from lousy speakers
Dr. Who - Voice of the Daleks
Create an effects box with ring modulation. Explore different implementations (analog x digital) and types of voice (Dalek, Cybermen). See Ring Modulation
Explore and implement effects in PD and or Little Bits
Use gestures to scratch an audio file or perform as a Theremin like instrument
Hyper-instruments and efects
Stuff like Talk Box, physical delay line, explore feedback, or construct a new instrument interface like a Theremin
Contact Mics
Something a la mooges or [1]
Rock Band Drums
Using hid in pd or rb2midi or JoyToKey
Drum set with IMU and pressure sensors: Hook up sensors to your body or create your own instrument and connect hardware to software. Transform music performance.
I-Cube X
To interface sensors and actuators through MIDI. See this link for more information.
Explore the effect of beating between pure sinusoids versus harmonic sounds. Read about Vassilakis Roughness Profile as a compositional tool (Proceedings SMC'07, 4th Sound and Music Computing Conference, 11-13 July 2007, Lefkada, Greece)
Improvisation with PyOracle
Painting with Cladni patterns
See this video and this more radical idea
Chua/Rabinovich oscillator
See [2]
Synchronization of Oscillators
Ed Large metronome example
Explain mechanical recording
L-systems for music
Analog tone generator
Amplifier circuits with opamps
Square waves, triangular waves with timer
Networked Sound/Music
Connecting ensembles over a network - TCP, UDP, and netsend~.
Make it an activity and expand into projects: jam manager or game
Raspberry Pi GPIO
General Purpose In/Out for RPi
Reading from sensors, controlling motors and other output
Building Controllers
Using micro controllers like the Arduino to manage control signals to audio applications via Pure Data and Max/MSP.
Building Stand-alone Instruments with the Raspberry Pi
The RPi can be used to create completely functional all-in-one electronic instruments.
Using Ableton Live to create remixes through loop processing and automated effects.
Basic functions of the modern recording studio, from engineering to mixing and mastering.
Time streching, phase vocoder
Beat detection
Guitar pedals
distortion, phaser, ring mod, etc
Rock Band Drums
using hid in pd or rb2midi or JoyToKey in pd
Spatial localization
construct a device that can locate the source of a sound
State Machine Composition with Python
Can you make the computer assist you with the composition? Write a python program that has a probabilistic sequence of chords and notes.