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Evolution of Music Thought

  • Tradition versus Innovation: From perfect consonance to Noise (Palestrina, Futurism, Merzbow)
  • Non-European cultures: Heterophony, Polyrithm, Focus on Timbre (Gagaku), Gamelan and Debussy
  • Music & Noise: Futurism, Recording Revolution (Musique Concrete), Syntehsis Revolution (Music N).
  • Aestehtics of Failure: Cascone, Circuit Bending?
  • Sound Ecology: Soundscape, Soundwalks, Silent disco / Flashmob?
  • Ambient Revolution: Eno and generative music
  • Social Music: Group Improv, Thompson's Sound Painting
  • Musical Games: Wishart, Zorn's Cobra
  • Machine Improvisation: Voyager, Meta-Creation (MuMe composers)
  • Music and Emotions: Affective Machines, Anticipation and Huron's book.


The futurist Ray Kurzweil optimistically predicted at the end of the last millennium that by 2009 human musicians would be routinely jamming with autonomous software musicians, and by 2019 it would be normal for automated creative systems to be active participants across all of the arts. Despite the flavour of fantasy, software autonomy is in fact creeping into creative practice and become a recognised creative form, a serious platform for exploring the radical ways in which we can draw on the rich behavioural potential of computation in music.