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Music and Technology

Welcome to UCSD's COSMOS Cluster 9 - Music and Technology.

You do not have to be a musician to have fun and learn how science and engineering can be used to transform, perform, and even create music. In this cluster you will learn about sound and music, and will explore the many ways in which technology is used to make music. You will learn and experiment with basic physical principles that are used to make musical instruments, perception of sound, and what makes music beautiful. We will build simple electronic circuits that can transform audio signals, such as amplifiers, filters and effect generators; and will learn how to program computers to analyze, modify, create music, and even improvise. Students will team up in small groups to develop a technical and/or creative project at the end of the program. Check out the awesome projects developed in 2016, 2015, and 2014.

COSMOS is a month long residential program open to high school students interested in math and science offered at University of California campuses. Students are organized in clusters to participate in hands-on labs, field activities, lectures, and discussions.

Music and Technology is offered at UCSD and is put together by:

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