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These were the projects developed in the Summer of 2015:

Sound Detectinator3000

By Kevin, Jerry, Sameer

Use PD and raspberry pi

Description: Set a robot at the center of a circle with given radius. Arrange sound-emitting objects every 18 degrees around the circumference of the circle. The robot will have three functionalities:

  1. One device will play and the robot will determine the position of the sound-emitting object based on angle.
  2. Multiple devices will play and the robot will determine the position of each sound-emitting object.
  3. All but one object will play and the robot will determine the position of the object that


By Avneesh, Darius, Sophie

Team S.A.D. presents:

LifeTune is built around the concept that one can share their life through music no matter their musical ability. A set of sensors worn on the body will collect data and translate it into MIDI signals that can be used in DAWs like Ableton. Then any sound can be applied and triggered by these signals to create a LifeTune.


By Coco, Valerie, Amelia W

The RoboJAM robot will have both an autonomous mode and a manual mode. It will mainly utilize a proximity sensor to play different pitches (and percussion instruments) based on the input from the sensor.

Audio Filters

By Amelia Huang, Audrea Huang, Charmhel Bascos

Use the Raspberry Pi as a music player, and attach PD pressure/proximity sensors to add effects to music imported into Raspberry Pi.

Music Plus One (Music +1)

By Aditya, Alex, Bryan, Kalen

Use Python to take in a melody (as MIDI/audio) and generate a backing accompaniment to go with it (as MIDI/audio)


By Rebecca, Melissa, Michelle

Use Python/Matlab to write a program that takes audio, converts it to MIDI, and converts back to audio. Specifically, a program that changes a piano recording to sound like other instruments.


By Ian, Rich

Use embedded electronics and PD to create and control guitar effects and implement them in a song produced in Ableton.